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Anti-War Protests
Hollywood, Apr 13
Anti-War Protests
World Wide Apr 12

Anti-War Protests
Los Angeles Mar 30
Anti-War Protests
World Wide Mar 30
Anti-War Protests
World Wide Mar 22

Hollywood, Sun, Mar 23 - Protest the Oscars
10,000 attempt to shut down Sunset - more arrests

Hollywood, Mar 22nd, March to CNN Building
Protesters shut down Sunset Blvd all day - 60 arrested
Downtown, Mar 15th, 30,000 march in record rainstorm
Senator Robert Byrd Delivers Scathing Speech on Bush and Weeps for His Country

The World Rises Up

Millions Around the World Protest Against
the Bush Family Evil Empire's War on Iraq
Anti-Bush Protest
Hollywood, CA

100,000 People
L.A. & San Fran Anti-Bush Protest
San Francisco

200,000 People
Against the War Anti-Bush Protests
NY & Thru America

Millions protest against
Bush and his war on Iraq
Anti-Bush Protests
Around the World

634 cities
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Protests around the World, Jan 18, 2003
Washington DC Slides - - - World Wide Slides

Protest San Francisco Jan 18, 2003

Slide Show A - - - Slide Show B - - - Slide Show C

Protest L.A. Jan 11, 2003
Slide Show A - - - - - Slide Show B

The Day of the People

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Against the Bush Family Evil Empire
Spectacular Photos Below, all Ignored by US Media
Anti-Bush Protest
Washington D.C.

150,000 People
Slide Show 2
Anti-Bush Protest
San Francisco

100,000 People
Slide Show 1
Anti-Bush Protests
Across America

Chicago, Alaska, Atlanta, Augusta, NY, St. Louis, Portland, Ann Arbor, Georgetown, Baltimore, Pheonix, Santa Cruz, St. Paul, Seattle, Eugene, Tuscon, Flagstaff, and many more.
Anti-Bush Protests
Around the World

Manilla Philippines, Barcelona Spain, Berlin and 80 towns in Germany, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Denmark, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Honduras, Pakistan, Jakarta, Melbourne Austrailia, Puerto Rico, Budapest, Santiago Chili, Stockholm Sweden, and more.
Previous Anti-Bush Protest Pictures Below
From Federal Building, L.A., Sun, Oct 6
From San Francisco Sun, Oct 6
From Central Park, N.Y., Sun, Oct 6
From Boston, Chicago, Portland, Seattle,
The Capitol, Crawford, San Diego, Cincinnitti,
and Westwood,
Sun, Oct 6
From London Sat, Sept 28th
From Washington D.C.,Sept 26-29th
From The Federal Building, L.A. Sat, Sept 14th
From McArthur Park, L.A. Sat, Sept 7th
From Portland protest/riot Aug 2002

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