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Some of the biggest names in ROCK evolved from their political stance protesting the U.S. War. You may have heard of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Joni Mitchell, and many more. WOODSTOCK, the 60's most historic cultural Rock event, was a protest against U.S. War. Even LONG HAIR took root in the 60's as a symbol of anti-war protest. Get your American web peace sign here

Photos from the Dec 1st Peace Vigil, Federal Building
w/ Jerry Rubin and other guest speakers, plus
Working Class Hero, a tribute to John Lennon

The U.S. (Israel Biased) News says he looks thinner, or like a heroin addict. And AGAIN, he blames the attack on U.S. and Israel occupation and warcrimes against the Palestinian people. Of course Bush doesn't want the American public to hear that again, so the video is not shown. All they say is that he says "blessed terrorrism." Heaven forbid Americans find out the real reason for the attack.
Did he really escape, or has he been sitting in another country for the past six months? Wasn't it just yesterday they said they had him cornered? And they picked up radio transmissions via a walkee talkee of his "voice prints?" Did they find the tape recorder too? Hey, let's bomb every country he goes to, like Pakistan where those evil people burned my effigy, and then Somalia, where more caves are, and Yeman cause they bombed the USS Cole, and Sudan cause they're all evil Muslims too, and last but not least, Iraq and Saddam Husein, cause dad never finished the job, and we'll find the evil Osama and all his evilism and rout it out wherever it may lie, even if it's right here in America. These "rights" people that aid terrorism by failing to rout out evil, and those that say they want peace, don't they know that the only way to get peace is to rout out evil? Rout I tell you, Rout.
They kept talking about releasing the video and then waited and waited and finally released it on the SAME DAY that Bush announced his withdrawal from the Atlantic Ballistic Treaty (ABM) thereby overshadowing it's impact. While everyone is talking about the video, Bush slips phase one of his nuclear missle program past the enraged hypnotized public.

Reading the latest video, Bin Laden said he "was informed of the attack last Thursday," which would have been Sept 6th. He therefore would be guilty of knowing about the attack for five days preceeding Sept 11th, but the video seems to clear him of actually planning the attack. For five days he could think about it and estimate lives lost, number of floors hit, damage, etc. The part about martyrs not knowing their mission till just before they boarded the plane could have been told to him as well. Whoever told him probably died in the plane and told him how they were going to do it. Apparently Bin Laden knew someone involved, making him guilty of knowing in advance, but the mastermind appears to be Atta, or the secret person that made the tape. Many doubt it's authenticity. It could have been adlibbed. or planned as a decoy, or fabricated by the CIA, or an imposter of Osama, or a sting operation, or this, or that, or hey, maybe even the other thing, yeah, that one, maybe he did it.

This video is the only evidence Bush has? discovered two months after the war started, with so many holes in its credibility that Johnny Cochran could use it for a fish net and likely catch some surprising people. If Bin Laden can prove an alibi for the day the video was supposed to have been made, Bush's case against Bin Laden goes right down the drain. Of course Bush would tell us the video was an evil hoax played by evil Osama, and Americans would know Osama was guilty all over again, just like we're supposed to.

In Middle East News, Sept 6th, was the same day Israeli helicopters assassinated two Palestinian leaders in their SUV in the West Bank, which was three days after U.S. and Israel walked out of the U.N. Summit on Racism, which followed two bloody weeks of Israel assassinations and invasions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which followed a suicide bomber, which followed more Israeli assassinations and military incursions, which . . .

There is reoccuring themes in all the videos. Osama Bin Laden blames the WTC attack on U.S. and Israel's illegal occupation and continued warcrimes in Palestine.
Much of the blame for the World Trade Center attack falls on Bush and U.S. foreign policy and Israel's occupance and assassinations in the Middle East. Bush diverts attention AWAY from the Middle East by pointing a finger at Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan. If Osama bin Laden did it, it was because of U.S. & Israel's warcrimes in the Middle East

Israel Continues to Invade Gaza and the West Bank, including Bethlehem, using the war as a distraction, with Bush sanctioned weapons. Did we all forget the main reason why the WTC attack occured in the first place? Is this why Bush banned the first Osama bin Laden video? Because he blamed the attack on U.S. Middle East Policies?

Anti U.S. Protests Around The World
Courtesy the Bush Family Evil Empire

Oct 13, 2001 anti-U.S. Protests
Photos: Associated Press
Oct 15-21 anti-U.S. Protests2
Anti-Bush War 2

Photos: Associated Press
2001 Anti-Bush War 3
Photos: Associated Press
2001 Anti-Bush War 4
Photos: Associated Press
2001 Anti-Bush War 5
Photos: Associated Press
2002 Anti-Bush War
2001 Middle East Photos
Associated Press
2001 Middle East Photos 2
Associated Press
2001 Middle East Photos 3
Associated Press
2002 Middle East Photos
Associated Press
2002 Middle East Photos 2
Associated Press
2002 Middle East Photos 3
Associated Press
2002 Middle East Photos 4
Associated Press
2002 Middle East Photos 5
Associated Press

"We have met the enemy, and the enemy is us."
"Dead or Alive"
"Osama Bin Laden"
George W. Bush
Article 1 of the Geneva Convention's Current
International law regarding Summary Executions
states that the use of assassination instead
of criminal proceedings is illegal. If Osama Bin Laden
is guilty, let's hear the evidence before we assassinate him
or worse, attack and kill innocent people. Willfull targeted killing without evidence is a grave violation of International Geneva Convention

It's been three months since the attack, our country has killed thousands of Taliban and people in Afghanistan, and the world has yet to hear any evidence! Bush has been priming us for days about a videotaped he found in Jalalabad, but he's still working on what he wants him to say.

What the Geneva Convention says regarding assassinations
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Al Haq is the West Bank affiliate of the Geneva-based The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). Al-Haq is an Arabic word meaning 'fairness', 'justice', 'law', and 'truth'.
Al-Haq condemns Israel's assassinations and blatant disregard for international law. Al-Haq index of Press Releases - plus: more incidents to Mar 9th 2001
or for the Real terroist war in Occupied Palestine

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Scources other than the usual U.S./Israel Propagada
Arabic News, Islamic Republic News Agency,
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Emperors-Clothes,
Cairo, Egypt News, Eurasia News,
or for The Real Terrorist War in Occupied Palestine

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