Crisis in the Middle East!
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Clipping from the pro-Israel biased L.A. Times

A closer look at the events in the
of increased Middle East violence

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Clipping from the L.A. Times
Showing how the U.S. backed Israel has escalated
the war by it's assassinations and land occupance
until the Middle East hates the U.S. this much.

The Bush Administration, recently snubbed their nose at the world by withdrawing from the ABM missle treaty, and then began putting nuclear missles in satellites (Star Wars) . . . and then snubbed their nose at the world by withdrawing from the International U.N. Commission Against Racism and at the Geneva Convention, regarding Israel's assassinations and land occupance using U.S. tanks, planes, and helicoptors..

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Ariel Sharon takes office, 2001
Israel begins government assassinations against targeted Palestinians
using U.S. military weapons and helicopters.

June 15, 2001
Sharon Breaks U.S. sponsored peace agreement within 24 hours.

June 23, 2001

Sharon gives his full support to illegal Israeli Squatters

June 25, 2001

Sharon pitches assassination as retaliation

June 27, 2001
Israel refuses peace agreement

July 2, 2001

Israel kills (assassinates)

July 4, 2001

Sharon wanted in Belgium for War Crimes

July 12, 2001
Bush snubs his nose at the world
and withdraws from ABM treaty

July 19, 2001

Israel Tanks take over more Palestinian Land

July 26, 2001
Bush Administration applies economic
sanctions against Iran and Libya

Aug 2, 2001

Stop Israel's Assassinations

Aug 11, 2001

Suicide Bomber Kills 15 after
Israel takes over Palestinain
Holy Site
, the Orient House

Aug 14, 2001

Israel invades the Palestinian Land in the West Bank

Aug 23, 2001
Israel sends more Israeli Squatters into Palestinian land

Aug 23, 2001

Israel Invades Palestinian land and assassinates
targeted Palestinians with U.S. helicoptors

Aug 24, 2001
Israel Invades Palestinian city of Hebron

Aug 25, 2001
Palestinians retaliate for Israeli assassination
Tens of thousands protest in East Jereselum

. . . and Bush, on his month long vacation . . .
Aug 27, 2001

Sharon increases his assassinations and continues his
occupation theory, and boasting on
how well they are paying off.
Yet violence increses as Sharon uses U.S. F-15 and F-16
fighter jets to attack and U.S. helicopters to assassinate.

Aug 28, 2001

More on Israel's assassinations

Middle East in Turmoil after Israel assassination

Aug 29, 2001

Israel military takes over more Palestinian land
and uses Children as human shields for their army

Sept 4, 2001

U.S. and Israel snub their nose at the world by walking out of the World Conference Against Racism, regarding Israel's assassinations and occupation of Palestine land as per the most recent peace agreement

Sept 7, 2001
Another Palestinian leader is assassinated by Israel with U.S. helicoptors
(50 - 60 Palestinian leaders have recently been assassinated by Israel)

> Sept 8, 2001

President Bush refuses to invoke a U.S. law that bars military aid to countries that use American arms for purposes other than self-defense

Sept 9, 2001
Israel tries to assassinate Yassir Arafat, blowing up his headquarters.

Sept 10, 2001
The Bush Administration refuses to interfere with Israel's assassinations

Sept 11, 2001

Wake up America, look in the mirror.
When people around the world hate us this much,
we better ask why, and don't believe Bush's declaration that it's because we stand for freedom. (update: Bush & Cheney told Senator Dashchele to limit his investigation into the attack on 9/11) Conspiracy theories are going through the roof and Bush wants to limit the investigation? Could it lead to him?

This page is to create awareness.
(our prayers and sincere apologies to the innocent victims)

What the Geneva Convention says regarding assassinations
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Al Haq is the West Bank affiliate of the Geneva-based The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ). Al-Haq is an Arabic word meaning 'fairness', 'justice', 'law', and 'truth'.
Al-Haq condemns Israel's assassinations and blatant disregard for international law. Al-Haq index of Press Releases - plus: more incidents to Mar 9th 2001

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Scources other than the usual U.S./Israel Propagada
Arabic News, Islamic Republic News Agency,
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Emperors-Clothes,
Cairo, Egypt News, Eurasia News,
or for The Real Terrorist War in Occupied Palestine