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Welcome to the 1st Annual
Hollywood Music Expo

COMING June 4th and 5th, 2004
The 1st Annual

at the Qtopia Events Center
6021 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

A Two Day and Night
Indoor/Outdoor Music Festival
Multi Rooms, Multi Stages, Multi levels

Inside Booths

Hollwood Music Expo

Outside Booths

Parking Lot Booths, 2003

Bands, Vendors, & Sponsors
Register Now for the 1st Annual
Hollywood Music Expo
June 4th and 5th 2004

at the Qtopia Events Center, Hollywood

The Hollywood Music Expo (H.O.M.E.) is a brand new concept brought together by Rock City News and the Qtopia Events Center, located at 6021 Hollywood Blvd. It will be a two day, two night, Music Expo with vendors, booths, celebrity panels, speakers, musicians, bands, and alternative music showcases. This will be the beginning of a great new community event for music professionals.

The Venue:
Qtopia Events Center is a new venue in the heart of Hollywood, at 6021 Hollywood Blvd, between Florentine Gardens and the Pantages Theater. It has been recently refurbished to the tune of two million, and has an indoor/outdoor capacity of over 2,000. It features multiple rooms, levels, stages, lounges, patios, and display areas. (see floor diagram)

Qtopia Events Center was formerly a silent movie theatre and is similar to the The Palace (now called Avalon). There is plenty of parking available as Qtopia is basically surrounded by huge parking lots. The venue and is currently hosting dance parties, rock shows, art shows, awards shows, various vendor markets, and film productions. Qtopia is managed by Bill Manspeaker of the band Green Jello, and Jordan, formerly of Juno. The entire building is painted in artistic murals that are staggering to the mind, giving it a friendly artistic vibe, and it is home to various sectors of L.A.'s artistic communities. The Qtopia Events Center is a perfect Hollywood location for visibility and easy access, just one block off the 101 freeway on a wide open stretch of Hollywood Blvd.

Rock City News has been Hollywood's rock and roll newspaper since 1983, supporting the community for 20 years. Rock City News is published and distributed bi-weekly, and is well established in the local rock scene. Publisher/editor Ruben MacBlue was first to discover such L.A. rock bands as Guns N' Roses, Poison, L.A. Guns, Jane's Addiction, Warrant, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sugar Ray, Static X, and more. Rock City News also produces it's annual Awards Show called THE ROCKIES, now in it's 10th year, and, as Rock City Records, has signed nearly 100 local bands and promoted and distributed five compilation CDs in the past 3 years. Ruben MacBlue also books Saturday nights at Qtopia as Club Freeze.

The Hollywood Music Expo is seeking sponsors, partnerships, and other business ventures. There is unlimited potential for growth, as the H.O.M.E. offers new opportunities for music vendors and record company showcases. H.O.M.E. welcomes publishing and PR companies to join in the sponsorship of this event to further it's reach throughout the music and entertainment section of Los Angeles.

The event will be held Fri and Sat, June 4th and 5th. Vendor display booths will be set up throughout the club, and special events will take place at night. Celebrity panels will be held upstairs both days, and different types of music will be held on different nights. Hip Hop and Electronica will be featured on Friday night, and good ol' fashioned rock and roll will be performed on Saturday night. Two stages will be operating simultaneously, and special nighttime acts will be held on the outdoors stage. Friday and Saturday afternoons will also feature a flying trapeze show in the main room, as the Dream Circus flying arts team uses the Qtopia Events Center for it's home.

Admission tickets will be $28.50 per day, or $48 for the two day and night event. Vendors will receive passes and discount tickets, depending on the promotional package.

Booths will be priced according to size and location. The main room and outdoor patio will feature 14 foot square booths for $695, 12 foot square booths for $595, 10' foot booths for $495, and 8 foot square booths for $395. The front and back rooms will feature 8 foot booths for $295, and 6 foot booths for $195.

The official program will feature full color tabloid size premium displays at reasonable rates: $595 for full page full color, $350 for B&W, $250 for 1/2 page, $150 for 1/4 page, and $95 for 1/8 page.

Banners can be put up in various high profile places for additional prices starting at $100, depending on the location. (There is no charge for banners within normal booth spaces.)

Gift Bag Insertions - Free for the first 3,000 attendees! This is another great way to get your product information into the hands of the industry professionals and local musicians. Insertion price is $150.

Publication Distribution - Magazines and flyers can reserve premium distribution spots for $35.

For more info call Ruben MacBlue
Rock City News - Main Office
7030 De Longpre Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028
323-461-6600 - fax: 323-4610-6622

Rock City News - Qtopia Office
6021 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Qtopia Events Center
Bill Manspeaker
6021 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

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