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This is an Old Club Page from 1997
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NITECLUBS 97 - By Captain Anarchy

- Well, after extensive investigation and research (and many late nights of carousing) the team members of Anarchy Squad now present their official guide, or pick if you will, to the most happening hang-outs or hot spots in town to check out this new year. So, without further ado, lets get on with the show...........

RAINBOW Bar & Grill

- This mainstay is one of Captain Anarchys all time fave fallbacks. Clubs may come and go, just like bands and chicks, but this place has been on the map forever and has always had plenty of the latter hanging around on any given night of the week. In fact, it has always been renowned as virtual celebrity heaven.

This is also a watering hole for many actors and actresses and people of other industry-related fields, from pro to porno, like from Scott Baio and Drew Barrymore to Ron Jeremy! And to top it all off, Joey Buttafuco works the door to the upstairs dance floor!!!!

Choice (packed) nights are obviously Friday and Saturday, followed by Sunday and Thursday, with the other nights providing a perfect, rockin, but less than sardine-packed opportunity to take a date out for the finest (affordable) Italian and American cuisine in Hollywood. Not to mention spinning her around the dance floor to hard rock and alternative cuts from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and sucking down the worlds’ strongest Long Island ice teas!!

Cover charge on weeknights is only $5.00 and includes a drink ticket good for one call of your choice and full run of the club. Friday and Saturday it’s $10.00, you get two drink tickets and its an extra $5.00 to get upstairs to the dance flloor, which gets you a third drink and is well worth a great time had (and anyone, regardless of weight, is wasted by their third drink here - guaranteed!). Full bar, 21 & over.

Rainbow Bar & Grill, 9015 W. Sunset Bl. (east of Doheny), W. Hllywd, (310) 278-4232


- Once a month, on Sunday nights, the last bastion of glam rock makes its’ stand at the Coconut Teaszer. Far too many of The Squads’ members have invaded these shows for us to be recalling any specific adventures for you here.

For a listing of most of the local bands who play these valiant stands, pick any eight at one time from the many listed above in this column under the Rainbow Bar & Grill section (that’s where they all hang after the show and all month long promoting for it), or just take a look at the illustration here-maybe you recognize some.

We can offer you this: if you like 70’s glitter or gutter rock or ‘80’s glam or metal (or any power-pop, pop-punk, new wave or goth even remotely related to the latter) and you’re not here, then you’re alone, because this thriving, now-underground scene is where you’ll find everyone in town who does.

Drinks are decent, cover is usually $7.00 at the door unless you have a flyer or cut the ad out of this mag or the L.A.Weekly, in which case its’ $5.00 for 18 & over or only $3.00 for 21 & up. Or, if you have a flyer from any one of the bands playing that night or you call the info number below and leave your name and age on the voice mail requesting to be on the discount list, the price is the same. And believe our promiscuous partisans when they advise that more glitter, make-up, hairspray, fishnet, garters, stilettos, leather and lace has never gathered under one roof top in the last decade by far.

Needless to say, the chicks are hot, plentiful and ready indeed. But to really get close, you need the full blown made-up image. That boring-ass, grungy jeans and t-shirt thang just won’t cut it here. These are real rock ‘n’ roll shows; complete with lights, fog, backdrops, props and more, just like in the good ol’ days. Just like rock was meant to be. So you gotta be in with it. That is if you like to meet girls with pumps, lace socks, stockings and mini-skirts.....or vinyl dresses..........

Glitter N Glam ‘Fest @ Coconut Teaszer, 8117 Sunset Bl. (@ Laurel Cyn.), W. Hllywd., (310) 274-4050. NOTE: The next ‘Fest is this Sun., Feb. 23rd. Be There!!!!!!

VAMPIRICUS- Monday night meeting ground of the morbid, this is quickly becoming the forerunner of gothic clubs in L.A.. Infiltrated by The Agent in a two part mission, while waiting to meet an undercover intelligence agent at the Long Beach docks for information regarding a sabotage plan of a shipment related to the evil “Organization”, our hero found this place quite chiller-esting.

Making his way into Jillians Bar, located in a quaint part of old downtown L.B., he descended down the stairway to Hell into “The Vault”, underneath it’s elaborately painted sign. Soon he was wandering darkly lit chambers and corridors, adorned with huge crosses bearing dead flowers, amidst black lights and candelabras and incense a-burning. Swathed in usual black cloak and dagger attire he blended in easily with the patrons of the dead.

He was quickly enthralled by the swirling sounds of traditional dark wax being spun, like Christian Death, Siouxsie, Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus to name a few, to the newer likes of NIN, Switchblade Symphony, Corpus Delecti and so much more. D.J. Shane and others (guests sometimes) weaved a web of pure, uncut death rock and gothic music both nights (and do so weekly) that got the dance floor swarming with many guys and ghouls till 2am.

From romantic, black velvet clad and caped Victorian-like ladies and ruffle-shirted gentlemen to patent plastic fetish freaks, it was a true devilish vampground for play. This is also the only semi-weekly showcase venue for local goth band talent around town.

Vampiricus @ Jillians, 110 Pine Ave.(@ 1st. St.), Long Beach, (310) 436-9886.

1980s - Yes, it was the decade that video killed the radio star and this is the club that re-lives that decade (or the waver part atleast). And yes, disguised as a local debonair dance rock enthusiast, L.A.’s infamous Captain Anarchy is proud to say not only did he live it and loved it, but he re-lived it too.

It was only a matter of time before it happened, considering the long running success of their other club 1970s (now defunct - R.I.P.) and now its been done. However, before getting to full steam, unfortunately “the man” forced it to be de-housed from its excellent location at Amagi, the Japanese sushi restraunt where it was making its home on Saturday nights. Too bad, because sucking down the great sushi, sake and Sapporo here while participating in Karaoke and twirling the dance floor with his unsuspecting, figurish blonde James Bond-girl type date was the ultimate!

And ofcourse with D.J./owner Dino (or Dean) breaking out the old Soft Cell, Depeche, Bowie, Duran Duran, Adam & the Ants, Pet Shop Boys, etc., etc., (and so much more), it was no wonder why. Unfortunately, the Fire Marshall (and no doubt Caps’ arch-enemy Sergeant System as well) didn’t seem to agree, atlas not when he saw how overcrowded the joint was with young new wavers, punks, rockabillies and gothic kids.

Fortunately, however, it looks like it has found a new home on Sundays at the fully stocked bar Asylum, 7070 Hollywood Blvd., and just like in the tradition of the clubs in the ‘80’s, it’s still 18 & over, free to get in before 10:30 and only $5.00 thereafter (with the added bonus of a $1.00 discount if you dress in wild ‘80’s attire!). Also, the vintage videos will be shown on a big screen and full lighting and large dance floor will be in effect. Cape also caught wind that this new venue may pave the way to having live bands from time to time as well. For more info, check their hotline weekly for updates. ‘Nuff said.

1980’s @ Asylum, 7070 Hollywood Blvd. (@ La Brea Ave.), Hollywood, (213) 343-9935

GECKOS - If you’re down for headin’ out on that highway, then the master of metal Chromatron advises your Sunday nights will never be the same. Blazing down the 405 freeway on his steel horse, our hero has time and again kept tabs on this multi-level, massive metal mating ground.

Located behind the Orange Curtain in the Heart of Huntington (Beach that is, okay-actually near the Westminister border), this venue refused to give up its “Pure Rock Night”, even after KNAC 105.5, the greatest station ever in L.A., went off the air a couple years ago. Well, the hundreds that attend here weekly are testament why.

Watching, cloaked in huge black hat and trenchcoat, our maniacal marauder has repeatedly observed the crowded large dance floor and podiums, occasionally joined by various other disguised Squad members, particularly the ex-hit man Gravedigger, who help ease his lonely nights. Loaded with O.C. metal-heads and surf babes, the place rocks to ‘80’s hard rock/metal from Crue, Ratt, Bang Tango, Metallica, etc. to ‘90’s hard alternative like Alice In Chains, STP, White Zombie, Soundgarden and more (and lets’ not forget Marilyn Manson & NIN !).

Someday, should the skin grafts ever be perfected that will adhere to the metal plates and computer parts of his once human face, skull and body, he dreams to be the handsome man he once was and be able to spin a vixen around the floor and sweep her off on his super-bike. Maybe. Someday.

Geckos, Beach Blvd. @ 405 Fwy., Huntington Beach, (714) 892-0294, Full Bar, 21 & up

DRAGSTRIP 66 - The second Saturday of every month is still the place to be for those 21 & over late night partyers open minded enough. On many an occasion our heroes, mainly Capt. A., The Agent and the now deceased traitor Plastic Girl (Rest In Pieces) have gone in undercover in drag to infiltrate for the scoop. That’s right boys and girls (or whatever variation you may be), this is the ultimate dance club, where boys can be boys, or be girls or vice-versa, or etc., etc.. In other words, guys and girls, either straight, bi or gay and from full-blown transvestites to just punks, new wavers, glam rockers or whatever, come here in drag to dance the night away ‘till 4am to the best of ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s stuff ranging from Cheap Trick, Donna Summer, Ramones, KISS, Sex Pistols, etc., to Agent Orange, B-52’s, Devo and the like, to Garbage, Hole, White Zombie and way too much more variety to list here (and even some pop, disco, techno, house & rave ofcourse). Amazingly, light slam dancing is even allowed on the punk songs! And what’s really cool is that the theme varies monthly and patrons are encouraged to dress accordingly (usually it has something to do with that months’ holiday, so call the hotline for details).

Cover is $15 for first-timers not in drag, much less in drag (it varies), after which patrons get a membership card that entitles them to discounts next time they return (it’s always cheaper if you’re in drag). So if your down for a great time check it out. But if you’re a knucklehead homophobic - stay home. Our heroes’ advise everyone’s really cool, and the gay and bi people are really good about reading your vibe if your straight and giving you a break. And if they do get a little fresh and you have to let them know, then they’re really cool about not pushing it. Or if you are straight, just play it safe - bring a date. Just be sure that if you do go solo, and you get too drunk, that you know for sure what sex the person is that you’re taking home with you that night ...........

Dragstrip 66 @ Rudolphos, 2500 Riverside Dr. (@ Fletcher Dr. exit off 5 fwy.), Silverlake,

(213) 969-2596


- Older mainstays that are still alright if you can handle a little too much of the techno/house/rave thing poisoning your goth, industrial or new wave are Mondays at Kontrol Factory, Wednesdays at Helter Skelter (which has actually gone back to a more traditional goth format), Fridays at Stigmata and Sundays at Velvet at The Probe, 836 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood.

It’s the same story as well on Thursdays at Perversion at Asylum, 7070 Hollywood Blvd.(@ La Brea Ave.), Hollywood, and on Saturdays at Sin-A-Matic @ Club 7969 at 7969 Santa Monica Bl., West Hollywood..

For club descriptions and hotline numbers see the “Dance Clubs” listing in the L.A. Weekly. And on the southbay side of town, Wednesdays at Live Bait, 6251 E. PCH (near 7th St.), Long Beach, there is a killer ‘80’s KROQ night, it’s free before 9pm (or all night w/college I.D.), $5.00 after, featuring dancing & drink specials. Full bar. 21 & over. Info: (310) 594-6775.

Promising new clubs are Wednesdays at Glam Trash 69 @ The Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Bl.(@ Wilcox Ave.), Hollywood, featuring dancing to stuff like New York Dolls, Bowie, Stones, etc. to Marilyn Manson, Thrill Kill Kult and more.

Not to mention wild horned & tailed go-go dancers! Full bar, 21 & over. Info: (213) 860-6607. Also, Sundays The Fang Club (click here to visit) at 9575 W. Pico Bl. (@ Beverly Bl.), Beverly Hills, promises to bring some nice doom to the westside with dancing to traditional (un-poisoned) gothic, along with vintage goth videos shown on a big screen, all for a mere $5.00 cover.

Catering to all creatures of the night, the club encourages Wiccans, Pagans and the like to come celebrate the various occult “holidays” as well as being a place where regular folks can come to meet Vampyres and live to tell about it (perhaps less a pint of oil on departure?). Vampyre house wine & 2 full bars. 21 & over. Info: (818) 848-7937.

Until next time, adios -

CIRCLE A PROD., P.O. Box 1301, Culver City, CA, 90232-1301, (310) 838-0632.

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