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"ROCKIES" 2005
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Thu, Dec 8th, 2005

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The Rockies 2005 is sponsored by
Vudu Clothing, HollywoodMusic.TV,
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The first half of the show will be hosted by
James Bartholet of L.A. Nitelife,
followed by Tequila Mockingbird and Count Smokula.

The final segment of the show will be hosted by
Ted Shred of the Vamphear Circus,
followed by Mojo El Diablo and Lexa Hex

The 11th Annual
Rock City Awards Show
The Rockies'05


1. Outstanding
Band Name of The Year

Headless Eyes

2. Outstanding
New Band of The Year

1. Vie
2. Flatline

3. Outstanding Male
Solo Artist of The Year

Alestar Digby

3. Outstanding Female
Solo Artist of The Year

1. Javelyn
2. Norma-Jean

4. Outstanding
Alternative Band of The Year

The Faded

5a. Outstanding
Country Band of The Year

Jimmy Lee Young

5b. Outstanding
Folk Band of The Year

Elke Robitaille

6. Outstanding
Rock Video of The Year


6. Outstanding
Songwriter of The Year

1. Andy Tubman
2. The Jennifer Project

7. Outstanding
Female Bass of The Year


8. Outstanding
Male Bass of The Year

1. Paul Shigo/Resistance

9a. Outstanding
Rock D.J. of The Year

D.J. Eric Ill

9a. Outstanding
Club D.J. of The Year

Juicy Jay

9b. Outstanding
Psychedelic Band of The Year


9c. Outstanding Melodic/Instrumental
Tony Gamble

10. Outstanding
Drummer of The Year

1. Paul Rankl/Darwen's Theory
2. Devon/Kettle Cadaver
3. Traci/Peppermint Creeps

11. Outstanding
Female Drumer of The Year

1. Miss Randall/Rusty Eye
2. Bobbi Olivia/Toxic Twist

12. Outstanding
Punk Band of The Year

1. Dirty Mother F*ckers
2. Krunk

13. Outstanding
Hardcore Band of The Year

1. Heavenly Trip to Hell
2. Driven AD

13b. Outstanding
Death Metal Band of The Year


13c. Living Legend Award
Thorn/ Outstanding Guitarist and Producer

14. Outstanding
Valley Band of The Year

Darwen's Theory

15. Outstanding
Hollywood Band of The Year

1. Revlon Red
2. Otto's Daughter

16. Outstanding Modern Rock Band of The Year
1. Dig Jelly
2. Electric Crush

17. Outstanding
Blues Band of The Year

Jimmy Steiger Blues Connection

18. Dime Bag Darrell Award
Scott/Heavenly Trip to Hell

18. Bianca Halstead Award
The Halstead Family
Appreciation and Rememberance

18. Outstanding
Guitar Player of The Year

Mitch Perry/ Rhythm Junkies

19. Outstanding
Female Guitar of The Year

Marija Krstic-Min/Foxey Lady

20. Most Psychotic Band of The Year
Kettle Cadaver

21. Outstanding
Male Vocals of The Year

1. Swan/ Led Zepagain
2. Happenin Harry

21b. Outstanding
Frontperson of The Year

Marky/Revlon Red

21b. Sexiest Frontperson
of The Year

Trace/Trace Devai

22. Outstanding
Female Vocals of The Year

1. TommiRae/HardlyDangerous
2. Coreen/WholeLottaRosies

22b. Outstanding Female Frontperson of The Year
1. Jacquiline/Otto's Daughter
2. Noa/ Vie

23. Outstanding Girl Fronted Band of The Year
1. Superna
2. Plastic Parachute

23b. Outstanding
All Girl Band of The Year


24. Outstanding
Metal Band of The Year

1. Reactor
2. Prodigal Son

25a. Outstanding Electro Band of The Year
Dirty Sanchez

25a. Outstanding Industrial Band of The Year

25b. Outstanding Rock N Espanol Band of The Year
The Latin Froz

25c. Outstanding
Cover Band of The Year

Happenin Harry & the Haptones

26. Outstanding Female Tribute Band of The Year
Whole Lotta Rosies

27. Outstanding
Tribute Band of The Year

1. The Neil Deal/Neil Young
2. Led Zepagain
3. Penny Royal

28. Outstanding Hard Rock Band of The Year
1. Calahan
2. Anything Wrong

29. Outstanding
Stage Show of The Year

1. Nightmare/Alice Cooper
2. Heavely Trip to Hell

30. Outstanding
O.C. Band of The Year

Dead Artist Syndrome

30. Outstanding New Wave Band of The Year
Romack & the Space Pirates

31. Outstanding
Glam Band of The Year

1. Peppermint Creeps
2. Toxic Twist

31. Outstanding American Band of The Year

31. Outstanding European Band of The Year
Loud N Nasty

32. Outstanding Goth
Band of The Year

1. The Greatest Fear
2. Collide

33. Outstanding
Keyboardist of The Year

Vicky Vicious/H.T.T.H.

34. Outstanding PsychobillyBand of The Year
Blackrose Phantoms

34b. Outstanding Roots Americana of The Year

35. Outstanding Inland Empire Band of The Year
1. Waiting For Decay
2. Level Zero
3. Sangre

37. Outstanding Political Band of The Year

38. Outstanding Hip Hop Band of The Year

39. Outstanding Sound Production of The Year
Mark Jenkins
Huimin Lai

Thank You to all the Bands

The Rockies 2005 was sponsored by
Vudu Clothing, HollywoodMusic.TV,
Kindalike Printing, and Blitz Printing

The show was hosted by
James Bartholet of L.A. Nitelife,
Tequila Mockingbird and Count Smokula,
Ted Shred of the Vamphear Circus,
and Mojo El Diablo with Lexa Hex

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"The Rockies"

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