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There are three individual self contained "Z scale" layouts, Hollywood, Rocky Mountain, and St. Louis, all connected by a main line that loops around all three. This main line can be divided into "East Coast" (American Line), and "West Coast" (Pacific Line). This means five separate trains can run on five separate loops.

This is the Rocky Mountain Z corner loop during early construction. Formed out of sturdy styrofoam it is a "figure 9", like a "figure 8" but with an extra loop.

This is the Hollywood Z fantasy layout and is basically a figure eight with two extra loops that go around the two mountain tops. They actually go over top of the N track, but about 12 inches higher, so it looks ok from the front. The Hollywood sign on the planned small "Tiny Train" layout is at top right.

In the distance is the St. Louis Z layout looking from the top of the new Sugar Mountain. The Z track goes over the N track about 12 inches above it.

The History of the American Coast Railroad

Way back in 1883 the "Hollywood" railroad and the "Rocky Mountain" railroad merged to form the "Pacific Coast" railroad. About the same time on the east coast, the "St Louis" railroad merged with the "American" railroad, out of New York, and then in 1908 these two new companies merged to form the great "American Coast" Railroad, which covered the entire United States (our two car garage).

The "American Line" which goes from the Rocky Mountains, through New York, and to St. Louis, has a four line yard at the downtown station in New York, and room for a turntable in the Rocky Mountain loop.

The "Pacific Coast Line" goes around the Hollywood layout, along the wall and around the Rocky Mountain layout. It features a four line yard in front of the Rocky Mountain Layout, and a smaller two line spur yard in Hollywood.

A. C.
American Coast

"Z" scale
D. C.

Daylight California

"N" scale
R. C.


"HO" scale


"O" Scale

Here are the
(that change all Frames at once)

AC - American Coast Railroad - "Z scale"
DC - Daylight California Railroad - "N scale"
RC - Rock City Railroad - "HO scale"
AR - American Rock Railroad - "O scale"
TTR - Tiny Trains Railroad - "TY scale"
RMR - Ruben's Magic Railroad - "all scales"

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