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Moe Jones - Moe Jones is a sophisticated rock and blues band (a la Steely Dan, Pretenders, Grace Slick)
Motorcycle Boy - featuring Francious
Mansions -
Milkweed -
The Metermaids -
motochrist hates you i -
SuckerMC -
Monster Zero -
Motochrist -
Motorcycle Boy - The original L.A. motorcycle boy band
Snake Oil - Better than your God
Too Many Humans - Long Beach Hard Somthing or other
Mr. Meaner - L.A. Band
Mark Allen Band - melodic rock
Messyheads -
The Mistakes - Glam Core
Mr. Firley - Orange Co bnd
Mygrain - L.A.'s Heaviest Hardcore, call @ (818)783-6700
Mermaids and Gorillas - Color photos. WAV clips. Upcoming Shows.
The Medicine Show - a Los Angeles based band
May Kings - a Los Angeles based band
Xlmiki (pronounced ex-el-mickey) - a Los Angeles based band
Manhole -Female fronted punk-rap-aggression band on Noise Records
Master Peace - L.A. Rock Band
Master Peace - L.A. Rock Band
Mike Watt - Hoot Page (Old School L.A.)
Rick Monroe - L.A. Rock Band
Mother Mercy - L.A. Loud Heavy Rock Band
MEDIUM Home Page- Punk band from the valley.

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