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Lunatics On Parole -
Lift Off -
Leg Lock -
Lady J -
Livid - Orange County Hardcore Metal Punk
Lazy Jane - Las Vegas Hard Rock Band, formerly from L.A. as Pair-A-Dice and Lancia
Led Zepagain - A live tribute to Led Zeppelin.
Laura Shawen -
Led Zepagain - A live tribute to Led Zeppelin
Livid- Heavy Hardcore power rock from Orange County
Lutefisk: -
Love/Hate- The L.A. Band
Louden Swain- alterna-rock-pop
GROOVESTONE -founders of the groovephonic sound.
Liquid Planet - !
London After Midnight - L.A. gothic band
Leaving Trains - Old School L.A. power band
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Livid - L.A. Hardcore Band