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Dream Police - A Tribute to Cheap Trick
Donna Grayson - upbeat pop/rock music of indie artist
DECAY OF SALVATION - The Best in Hardcore Death-Grind
Desmo Donte -
Duke Daniels -
Doug Fieger's - web page
Decay of Civilization - The Best in Hardcore Death-Grind
Dead Roses - on your grave
Demonia -
Donna Grayson - upbeat pop rock
Deja Vu - a tribute to Crosby, Stills & Nash
The Dons - great power pop band
Betty Dillon - girl band
Dark Knight Radio - plays "pop punk folk funk rock," better than anyone else
Drakling Thrush - Orange County band, aka Love & Rockets
Double Naught Spies - Power Pop music from L.A.
Drown - heavy industrial punk hardcore band from Los Angeles
Dave Alvin - Roots rock songwriter formerly of the Blasters
Dynamo Hum - hum dinger, hot diggetey dog!
Down Syndrome - heavy alternative modern rock band
Diesel - Heavy L.A. Band
Darby's Kiss - !
DEEP BLUE BLACK- (industrial/electronica)
Drowning Orion - Alternative rock band with a love of ranch dressing
Dissolve - L.A.'s only Alterna-Electro band
Dragster Barbie - L.A. Band

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