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Blizzard of Ozz - tribute to Ozzy and Randy Rhoads
Black Horse Rising -
Bress - L.A. Rock
Blood of Roses - : Sturm und Drang for Romantic Goths
Blockage -
BLAZING HALEY - : Fast and furious hot-rod psychobilly
Bubble - L.A. band w/girl singer & faster pussycat Brent
Best of Seven -
Beat The Bone - a new generation of rock
Belly Puddle - guess
Black Monday - Greaser Punk Band
The Beanies - AC/DC meets Fugazi
Bladder, Bladder, Bladder -
Belly Puddle -
Bizarre - Hard & Heavy
Blasters - American Rock from L.A.
Bobsled - All Female Rock Band
Bang Tango - L.A. Band
Big Forest : Hard Rock From Brea, CA.
Big Dumb Love - Rock's energy, folk's moodiness and country's soul.
Brazil 2001- L.A. rock band with surf influences

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