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Ambush - The New Age Metal Godz
Abbatoir - They're back!
AustPeirce - Dynamic band
Angry Einsteins - Κ for the orange county modern rock act
The Assholes - total assholes
Allison Alison - Original pop/rock band. From England to LA. URL:ΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ
3 Bad Jacks - Modern Rockabilly from L.A.
29 Died - Encino, CA
13A - hard rockin from San Diego
Alien Vinyl - L.A. gothic glam band. http://members.aol.com/RingGirl13/alien-index.html
Acetone - L.A. Rock band
American Gothic - Orange County Gothic Rock band
Adolescents - L.A. old school punk band
Aquabats - ska, comic book rock.
Alchemist - music for dragons and witches and such
Accomplice - melodic progressive rock
Alien Vinyl - cyber-industrial devil dance
Abuse Ment Park - Abusement Rock
Afterlife- Heavy Rock Trio also Caress of Steel, a tribute to Rush
Aunt Bee - blues, swing, rockabilly and funk originals and covers
Ambush - New Age Metal
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